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About This Game

This is the home of New World inside of Rally Point. Explore a thrilling, open-world MMO filled with danger and opportunity where you'll forge a new destiny on the supernatural island of Aeternum.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Interesting interview with the Director of New World, Scot Lane.  You can see the passion in the game with how he talks about it.
  3. The powers of Artemis flourish within these caverns of stone and ancient root. Embark on a dangerous new Level 62+ Expedition to track down the primordial Beast Lords before pandemonium emerges from the depths of Aeternum. The elemental chaos of the Savage Divide awaits. This Expedition will release alongside Rise of the Angry Earth on October 3 and require the expansion to enter. Mahantaram, the Mammoth Lord, has retreated into madness in the Savage Divide. A sinister mist and unsettling spores pour forth from the mouth of the cavern. As the days go on the howls of the beasts within grow louder and more deranged. The enraged Beast Lords pose a terrible threat to the population of Aeternum if not contained. Join the Design Team for an in-depth discussion on everything you need to know about the Expedition in the video below. LORE DETAILS AND OTHER INFORMATION HERE:  https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1063730/view/3702578178145845878?l=english  

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