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    Welcome to The Rally Point (TRP) gaming community. Rally Point was created to bring together folks from different backgrounds into one hub, known as a Rally Point in the military.  The community is focused on building meaningful friendships, impactful service to others through charity events and joining each other as we participate in gaming events which occur often throughout the community.

    We have a devoted group of gamers that enjoy various types of video games.  Our primary genre of games are survival and shooter based games.  However, we have small groups of devoted community members that play almost every genre of game you can imagine.

    If you are not already a member, we recommend you join to see what the community is all about.


    NOTE: Along with this website, our community uses Discord as a location to chat with each other.  We highly recommend anyone joining this website, also become a member on our Discord which you can find at https://discord.gg/rallypoint.

    The Rally Point gaming community prides itself on the following key values:

    • Being Adaptive
    • Being passionate
    • Respectful and caring for those around us
    • Focused on giving back

    Like any community, The Rally Point gaming community prides itself on having a foundational set of rules to help guide our members and staff.  These rules can be updated often or as they are needed.  Our rules include:

    • Rally Point is an over 21 years of age gaming community.
    • Rally Point games on all platforms and a variety of games.
    • Since impacting others is a key value in our community, activity is required to maintain membership in the community.
    • Don't abuse your nickname or impersonate others in this server. 
    • Don't spam links, use excessive foul language in voice/text, troll others, be disrespectful or harass folks inside the community.
    • Treat others as you would want to be treated.  Disagreements will occur, but ensure you remain respectful.
    • Do not talk about politics or religion through text or audio.  Any discussions will be auto removed.
    • Do not stream movies or post links to copyrighted materials on this site or discord.
    • Respect everyone regardless of their race, gender, sexuality, origin or nationality.  This includes both inside and outside the community.
    • Rally Point staff have the final stay on all aspects of this community.  If you have any issues, submit a support ticket to our staff.

    The Rally Point gaming community features a custom Looking For Group system inside our website which auto notifies our community on Discord.  The LFG system allows for our community to set up gaming get togethers quickly so you don't have to play alone.  To utilize the system, you simply visit https://hub.rallypoint.gg/looking-for-group/ and click the "Create a LFG" button.

    We recommend that community members post LFG's at least 12 hours out from when they want to play a game. This gives other community members plenty of time to reply to the request.

    The Rally Point has a dedicated group of games that we play often.  You can find our active games list by visiting https://hub.rallypoint.gg/our-games/. These games will change, but they act as a central point for all information about a specific game we are looking forward to.  These groups will often have information about the game, tips & tricks, videos and other helpful information.

    Although these may be our primary games at the moment, we do add games often based on community feedback. To request us to support a new game, please follow these instructions:

    • Visit the General Games (already released game) or Upcoming Games (has not released) forums.
    • Once in these forums, post a thread about the game to include links to game, videos and key details you want others to know about the potential game.

    NOTE:  If we see multiple community members interested in the game we will add the game to the website and discord.


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