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    The day and night cycle has always been a fundamental element in the Dying Light series, introducing both visual and, more importantly, gameplay changes to our zombie-infested world. In this update, we aimed to enhance the nighttime aspect of this unique feature by introducing heightened tension, horror, and the presence of roaming Volatiles. To achieve this, we are implementing a series of modifications,
    • Ensuring that the night has a heavy, almost horror-like feel.
    • A new color grading called “Darker Nights” reduces player visibility exponentially, making your experience more terrifying.
    • Updated flashlight rendering that creates more dynamic shadows and better corresponds to the darker environment.
    • Improved audio gameplay solidifies the nocturnal atmosphere. Music takes a backseat to sound effects.
    • HUD improvements support an immersive nighttime experience.
    • Volatiles roam across the rooftops, ensuring you will never feel safe at night.
    • The night population of zombies have been reworked to create more unexpected moments while exploring both streets and building interiors
    • Chase sequences are less arcade-like and more unpredictable.

    Learn More About the Update:  https://pilgrimoutpost.techlandgg.com/news/update-1-11


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