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    By SenileSarge
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    Palia (pronounced pay-lee-uh) is a massively-multiplayer community simulation game set in a brand new high fantasy world with elements of open world adventure games. It’s a cozy and welcoming world that we hope fans of the community sim genre will love for years to come.

    The core gameplay loop focuses on developing a myriad of skills, including hunting, bug catching, gardening, cooking, fishing, mining, foraging, and crafting furniture. Improving all of these skills will contribute to building your very own comfy home and living out charming fantasies.

    Learn more about Palia using our referral code at:  https://palia.com

    Above all, the social and cooperative multiplayer playstyles of Palia will provide a real sense of community and belonging. We believe Palia is good solo, but better together.

    In her quest to uncover the mysteries of the ancient humans who had vanished from Palia, curious Jina uncovers an artifact and embarks on an adventure she never expected!

    Play Palia Beta for free on PC! Live the cozy adventure of your dreams and explore a vibrant land full of charm as you build a life and home with your friends in this cozy sim MMO game. Welcome Home.

    Video created in partnership with AXIS Studios. 


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    Who likes cozy games?  May be something to look into if you do.  

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    I've been playing in the closed beta & I'm really excited to see how far this game goes. I have been enjoying it so far. Definitely a must play if you enjoy cozy games. 

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